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Gold Hair Cream

Gold hair Cream a non-greasy formulation is complemented with the masculine aroma of Gold to keep your hair well groomed all through the day


Black Jeans by Gold

 The fragrance keeps to the Gold tradition of perfumery by offering a woody, warm, musky fragrance. It’s for the man who gets the girl! – It’s all you need to wear

Men’s Care


The combination of clove oil & fluoride assures you extra protection for your teeth while the distinctive gentle clove flavor leaves you with lasting fresh breath. Suitable for the whole family

Pro Sport Aqua Available as Cologne Spray 100ml & After Shave 100ml. An aquatic fragrance with refreshing marine notes to bring in the cool refreshment any time of the day. Try this fragrance & experience the ocean freshness of Pro Sport Aqua.

Pro Sport Aqua Wet Look Hair gel Pro Sport Aqua “Wet Look “hair gel is specially formulated to give you a fresh, “Just out of the shower” appearance with the refreshing fragrance of Pro Sport Aqua. The Wet Look hair gel is available in 100ml & 30 ml pack sizes.

Text Box: Dandex Plus Shampoo Formulated with Climbazole, a breakthrough ingredient globally accepted for its efficacy against dandruff causing microbes. 

Dandex Plus Anti-Dandruff Shampoo gives you dandruff-free, healthy hair. 

Dandex Plus is also enriched with a special conditioning formula which helps your hair retain its natural oils, keeping it supple and healthy. 

Dandex Plus Hair Cream Made for the man on the move, Dandex Plus Hair Cream is formulated with Climazole and gives you the added advantage of superior dandruff control while styling and grooming your hair.

Dandex Family Shampoo is mild enough for regular use by the entire family. Formulated with Egg Protein and a special conditioner, Dandex Family Shampoo eliminates tangles caused by using soap, leaving your hair soft and healthy.

Black Jeans Gold

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