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Goya pleasures

is a modern blend of heady, sweet white floral that simply pure & love


Goya Blush blends exquisites, velvety rosaceous floral that defines the essence of girlish romance

Ladies care




· Body Lotion

· Cologne

· Talc

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A range of single flower floral fragrances, available in cologne talc & body lotion;

Jasmine a delicate aromatic flower offers you a soothing & refreshing fragrance experience available in cologne talc & body lotion.

Lavender for a light morning fragrance full of soothing freshness available in cologne, & talc .

Gardenia full of exquisite beauty & charm, its enchanting fragrance adds to your femininity, ideal for the evening – available with Cologne talc & body lotion.

Black Rose a sensuous sultry evening fragrance with a hint of passion available in cologne, talc & body lotion.

Araliya the latest addition to the Goya bouquet, The Goya Araliya- this delightfully delicate fragrance offers you freshness all day long – available with cologne spray