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Kumarika Oil is formulated with the goodness of natural herbs in a base of coconut oil. Kumarika Herbal Hair & Body Oil will nourish your hair the natural way, leaving it lustrous and beautiful. Use as a daily hair oil as well as before shampooing to add nourishment and shine your hair and for your whole family

Product Summary

 Why KUMARIKA Oil and Shampoo So Unique.


Itís base of Coconut oil which would be the most natural ingredient for the hair and body along with Aloe Vera to keep the moisture and prevent the dryness. This unique product for all ages and can be applied for dry or oily hair. Prevent Dryness body & hair.


 Strengths hair roots.

 Aid hair growth.

 Prevent split ends

Kumarika herbal hair oil

Coconut oil

Quality coconut oil has significant anti-viral, health and healing benefits. As you may aware, coconut is being used as most natural ingredients for many processes such as Cooking, Health care, Skin care, Baby care, hair care and many more. Coconut oil one of the natureís most amazing health ingredients helps to Keep skin soft and smooth, prevent premature ageing process.

Aloe Vera

Aloe-Vera is the world most natural healing agent which is being used for medicine for many, many years. This ingredient provides nourishments and moisture which also prevent the dryness. Other beneficial of Aloe Vera are anti-bacterial, Other beneficial of Aloe Vera are anti-bacterial, softness, treatments, shine, healing and cosmetics and many more,


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 How to use it. For hair


1.Pour oil onto palm of your hand

2. Massage into hair

3. For long hair apply at the tips to prevent split ends.


To keep hair healthy oil can be applied before shower on dry hair, it is recommended to leave oil on for a couple of hours or overnight before washing out. The herbal hair oil can be left on the hair as a normal moisturizer with no need to wash out. Apply after blow drying to prevent damage due to moisture taken out by heat.


For your body.


To prevent dryness apply as a massage oil to keep skin healthier